What does the electrostatic force do inside the nucleus apex

At the close distances between protons and neutrons in the nucleus, the strong force is greater than the electromagnetic force, so the nucleus stays together Protons push away from one another because of theSuch an oscillation valve was first used by Fleming as a receiver for wireless telegraph purposes in 1904 as follows: - In between the receiving antenna and the earth is placed the primary coil of an oscillation transformer; the secondary circuit of this transformer contains a galvanometer in series with it, and the two together are joined between the external negative terminal of the carbon ...

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Nuclear binding energy arises from the attraction of the Strong nuclear force between nucleons (protons and neutrons). In a nucleus, this binding energy is stronger than the electromagnetic repulsion force that would exist if the nucleus contained more than 1 proton. The more nucleons, the stronger the total strong force is in the nucleus.

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This nucleus is surrounded by a vast cloud of electrons circling it at a distance but held near the protons by electromagnetic attraction (the electrostatic force discussed earlier). The cloud exists as a series of overlapping shells / bands in which the inner valence bands are filled with electrons and are tightly bound to the atom. Sep 19, 1992 · Bearden (1992) this year points out that: "By utilizing fundamental new definitions for energy, potential, and scalar potential, the mass of the atomic nucleus may be considered a powerful electrostatic scalar potential, referred to as the mass potential.

When they are very close together the nuclear force is dominant and when they are far apart it is the electrostatic force which is dominant. Somewhere two protons experience zero net force because the two opposing forces are equal. The following materical is to make quantitative estimates of the forces. The electrostatic (Coulomb) force is well ... bya given distance in air to electrostatic force between same two charges separated bysame distance in thatmedium. When the charges are placed in infite dielectric medium then dielectric medium is gettingpolarized and force on q 1 or q 2 is not simply due to q 1 or q 2 i but due to polarized charges also and net force on q i or q j

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