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H-Thanks for the detailed information. Explainations are always welcome. I understand a lot more about what it's trying to do now that I know what it's suppose to do. 8^) You can send output to /dev/null, by using command >/dev/null syntax. However, this will not work when command will use the standard error (FD # 2). So you need to modify >/dev/null as follows to redirect both output and errors to /dev/null. Syntax to redirect error and output messages to /dev/null

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"Print the database, use /dev/null as (dummy) Makefile, ignore errors. Grep the line starting with .c (the .c implicit rule), and the following 6 lines. Ignore lines which are comments."

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# -*- shell-script -*- # # bash_completion - programmable completion functions for bash 4.2+ # # Copyright © 2006-2008, Ian Macdonald

tar cvf /dev/null /var. Here the tar command was executed to archive a directory, while iosnoop captured the first 2 seconds of disk activity. Some scattered activity is observed while tar is reading through directories, and sequential transfers can be observed as tar encounters large files. This is a sort of legacy command from modem days, but it does the job of keeping processes running even if there's no terminal attached. To use nohup in this way, your commands might be something like this: cd /usr/games/ds/bin nohup ./driver ./mudos.cfg 1>/dev/null 2>/dev/null & The /dev/null redirects output to a null device.

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