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An example of a multi-step equation is 5(x + 3) = 6x – 2x + 1. This example shows that a multi-step equation can contain parentheses. The example also shows that a multi-step equation can contain more than one variable term and can even contain variable terms on both sides of the equal sign. To solve multi-step equations, you will continue to ... May 15, 2016 - This is a fun riddle worksheet (and answer key) on solving multi-step equations. There are a variety of different equations all with integer coefficients and solutions. After solving each equation, the student will reveal the answer to the riddle, "What do frogs wear on their feet in the summer?" The key to this lesson is to take a more complex type of equation and turn it into an equation that we already know how to solve, like 2x + 12 = –5x – 9 and x² + 5x + 6 = 0.” [IS.4- All Students] “For example, the following is a rational equation: because it has x in the denominator.

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New Number = (Last Number +1 ) * 9. and Then New Number = (Last Number - 1 ) * 8 and so on. i.e. 1. (1+1) * 9 = 18. (18-1) * 8 = 136. (136+1) * 7 = 959. (959-1) * 6 = 5748. (5748+1) * 5 = 28745.

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1. Nakajima won two editions before the Bangkok torunament. 2. In Dusseldorf nobody stood under 10 seconds. 3. The winner in Bangkok was slower than Zemdegs, but faster than the winner in 2007. Here we have x 1 = − 2.8, x 2 = − 9.5, y 1 = 9.2, and y 2 = − 11.9. It’s as simple as plugging in the numbers. Then the midpoint of the line segment with the given endpoints is. ( x 1 + x 2 2, y 1 + y 2 2) = ( ( − 2.8) + ( − 9.5) 2, ( 9.2) + ( − 11.9) 2) = ( − 12.3 2, − 2.7 2) = ( − 6.15, − 1.35)

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