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Guten Morgen zusammen, schön, dass es jetzt diesen Thread gibt . Ich arbeite mit der Beschreibung von Casey. Meine conky-Version: conky 1.10.8 compiled Mon Mar 5 05:24:03 UTC 2018 for Linux 4.9.0-0.bpo.2-armmp armv7l Jan 05, 2010 · For my purposes I put this in its own file called ~/.conkytasks and call it with conky -d -c ~/.conkytasks & This updates the task list every 5 minutes and wraps it at 40 characters. Tags: conky , Python , sqlite Conky is a lightweight free system monitor available on Linux and BSD. It can display the system Conky Manager gives you the option of importing other Conky themes in it. The only restriction is that...${if_match ${battery_percent BAT0} <= 60}${if_match ${battery_percent BAT0} >=50} my battery is between 50 and 60 Browse other questions tagged if-statement conky or ask your own question.

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Les variables passées à conky déterminent les informations affichées. Cette page est une traduction de celle du manpage de conky. Certains passages sont empruntés à l'excellent post de nonas sur pcimpact.

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manning funerals, Grace Augusta Manning was born in Natchez, MS on February 4, 1927 to Robert and Grace Manning of Waterproof, LA. She died peacefully at home on August 12, Grace Augusta Manning Obituary | Distinctive Life Cremation and Funeral Services # -- Conky settings -- # background no update_interval 1 cpu_avg_samples 2 net_avg_samples 2 override_utf8_locale yes double_buffer yes no_buffers yes short_units yes text_buffer_size 2048 imlib_cache_size 0 use_xft yes xftfont fira sans:medium:size=14 xftalpha 0.8 own_window yes own_window_transparent yes own_window_argb_visual yes own_window ... ...(supported by conky) -> ${if_match "${wireless_link_qual_perc wlp2s0}" < "66"} -> becomes is shown (if this is related to your banshee widget) Fix: In conky_banshee line 57 -> ${if_match "${exec...

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